Losing hurts so much

Losing hurts so much

So this morning when I feed the kittens, I noticed that the youngest one (named Chibi) was not there. But I didn’t suspect anything, I just thought to myself ‘where the heck did he went playing?’ because my cats really like to wander off. So I just thought that nothing happened and hope that he will come back when feeling hungry. But this afternoon I still didn’t see him. I was so worried, as he’s so small and I can just hope that he’s not missing anywhere. But my only hope was shattered when my dad told me that actually this morning Chibi was hit by my dad’s car and died. I cried right there then. I’m really devastated my Chibi died. I feel like it would be better if he went missing than died, because at least he would still be alive 😥 I miss Chibi so much, although he was a strayed cat before I found him but my love for him is just the same as the others. He was such a good and loving cat, he likes to follow me everywhere and didn’t hesitated to sleep on me. God, I will miss my baby so much. But I know he is in a better place now surrounded by his family and friends in the cat heaven ;;A;;


I love you Chibi, I will never forget you…

Sign of me getting old

Sign of me getting old

I know I know we all know that there are clear evident of human becoming old. Our skin will not be as tout, wrinkles everywhere and etc. But well, that’s not the case for me. You might think I’m bragging which I do not (really!), but I have a baby face, there are people who thought that I’m 19 years old. Ehehehe. Besides, I myself didn’t act like an adult. I think I’m still so immature. Maybe because I didn’t have much social life. I really like staying at home. I will find may excuses when someone asks me to go out, I’m just indoor person like that. Plus I still watch animes and reading mangas at this age. What adult still do that? LOL just kidding XD I think animes and mangas can be an enjoyment for people all ages.

Oops look how I strayed from the main topic lol.


Back to the topic, for me, the obvious sign is how easy for me to get sick. All my life, I can count how many times I caught a fever with my two hands. It is really rare for me to caught a cold, and if I did, it will go away in 24 hours. But now, just this year, I caught a fever two times already. In fact as I typed this, my nose won’t stop running and my head keep pounding non stop. My body temperature has dropped but hello it’s been 3 days and I still didn’t get better! It’s always like this lately, I just won’t recover quickly and I’m getting sick of it. I’m not just laying in the bed waiting to get better, I move my body doing housework, letting my body sweating but nothing works. I took my medicine too, although it just panadol. I know you might be think why don’t this little fool just go to the clinic? Okay, maybe I should just go to the doctor although I hate doing so. I never had to go to the clinic before and I never planned to but I guess I just have to suck it up if I want to get better. My body is getting weak, urghhhh I should take care of my body more.

Everyone, please pray for me to get well soon!

How about you guys? What are the signs that made you realize you are getting old?


Some empty words from me!

Some empty words from me!


So, I just graduated from uni and unemployed right now as I need to be a nanny for my granny. I’m not complaining tho since I like her. But just staying at home can be really boring so I thought hey why not making a blog or something to fill my time? Since no one will read anyway I can confidently expressing my thoughts here. Plus I’m really bad at writing and my English has deteriorated lot. I will take this chance to sharpen my English.

Okay so, what will my blog be about? I don’t know actually. I guess I will just write some random thoughts and share some stories about my granny. She can be handful sometimes but she’s also can be very amusing. AH, and CATS. I will also talk about my fluffy babies <333 I feel like I can go on forever if its about them babies lol

Erm, whats more? Introduction? Okay, you guys can call me Kay. That’s all I’m gonna tell tho. I really want to stay anonymous XD

That’s it I guess. Not bad for the first post? I think so too, although I’m not very satisfied with my writing style >: But oh well, lets see if I will improve from here on. Good day everyone!